Getting started with Webacy: Wallet Watch

Getting started with Webacy: Wallet Watch

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Welcome, web3 enthusiasts and builders. Today I will walk you through how the wallet watch feature works on Webacy.

Wallet watch is a feature on Webacy that lets you monitor your wallet activity anywhere, anytime. Let's go deeper

How does this work?

Wallet watch is a feature on Webacy. Just as the name implies, 'Wallet Watch' - it monitors every activity that happens in your wallet and notifies you. When you sign up for Webacy and activate the wallet watch feature, you get notified of inflow and outflow activity that takes place in your wallet.

If you ever notice any sus activity, like hacking, malicious transactions, or even unidentified wallet drains, you'd be able to take action before you face an attack.

To be able to receive alerts concerning your wallet transactions in your own comfort, you have to set up SMS and email notification alerts.

Step-to-Step guide on how to use Wallet Watch

  1. Go to Webacy and signup

  2. After you've signed up, you click connect wallet.

  3. Select your wallet provider(Metamask, Coinbase, Wallet connect, etc)

  4. You'd then be prompted to sign your wallet. You hit the "sign" button

  5. After you've signed your wallet, you'd be redirected to your dashboard. That's where the magic happens. On there, you click the link to the wallet watch page.

  6. When on the wallet watch page, you will see a space to input your email and phone number, Do It!

  7. Select the type of notifications you wish to receive.

After that, you sit at home knowing that your wallet is highly secure :)

Weekly email notification


That's it for this tutorial. Since you read to this point, I am sure you know what Wallet Watch is and how you can be safe in the comfort of your home. Be Safe with Webacy